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WG Occupational diseases

This Working Group “Occupational Diseases” was founded in 2000 to study occupational diseases systems in the European Forum member  countries.

Its work has given rise to the publication of a first report on the process and conditions for declaring, recognising and remedying occupational diseases in Europe.


-> The Working Group has carried out different studies, which aim to present an overview of the possibilities for recognising the professional causes of diseases (such as MSDs, mental disorders, asbestos diseases, etc.) and of the compensation of victims. The studies generally cover ten or more countries represented in the European Forum.

Download the report on cancers (2018)
Download the report on MSDs

Download the report on mental disorders 






  • Stefanie Palfner (DGUV, Germany)
  • Michael Janotka, Michael Maltrovsky (AUVA, Austria)
  • Karim Wilmotte (Fedris, Belgium)
  • Kamma Skrubbeltrang (AES, Denmark)
  • Vanesa Rodriguez (AMAT, Spain)
  • Mari Karttunen (TVK, Finland)
  • Martine Garin, Myriam Youssouf (CNAM-DRP, France)
  • Marta Clemente (INAIL, Italy)
  • Erica Narváez (Forsäkringskassan, Sweden)
  • Eva Eriksson (AFA, Sweden)
  • Philippe Calatayud (Suva, Switzerland)